An Evening with TOPSHOP

During NYFW, I spent an evening down in Soho to host the amazing TOPSHOP event! It's always been one of those stores I HAVE to take my friends to. 3 stories high, and full of super hot clothes, it's pretty amazing. With TOPSHOP, I got to make my top selects from the store and meet a lot of my readers who were in town for fashion week. Guests got to enjoy yummy treats, drinks, and get a bit pampers by the team over at Arrojo salon. Going through the store, I couldn't stop looking at the new skinny jeans. The velvet floral skinny jean really caught my eye. Paired with a classic knit sweater, and I was good to go. Most importantly, I was really happy that my sister, Dylana, who was in town along with my favorite east coasters, Claire and Bonnie! It's always a good time with these girls, especially on a a sugar high! The s'mores and the ginger mocktails were addicting. Many thanks to everyone who came out! So crazy to get to meet readers in person, but always a joy :)

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