Too cold for comfort

vintage waist coat
asos snood
margiela shirt
topshop dress
lapponia ring
asos boots

Hey.. and sorry for being away for a while.. I'm back from my 2 day getaway that I really did not have time for.. resulting in now being totally stuck, forcing my self to finish uni projects before next weeks deadline..

anyway finland was awesome and freezing, the days totally flew by.. I'll get to go back in a few weeks, but before that I get to enjoy the first snow in london and a good portion of xmas hypeing.

When in Doubt, Just Pile More.


Loving this over the top 70's styling.
When in doubt, just pile more on.

Raquel Zimmermann by Craig Davis
Styled by Edward Enninful
Fashion Rocks September 2007
images via Fashion Gone Rogue

Leo, Leo, Leo

Dress: Topshop. Tights: Banana Republic. Shoes: Forever 21. Bag: YSL Muse. Jewelry: Michele, David Yurman.

I hope everyone had a lovely, restful break these past few days. I got a nice surprise a couple of days ago and was featured on Kim's fabulous blog, Brunette Blogging. Check out the interview here! I am back to my busy work schedule, but am excited to wear and share lots of fun pieces I picked up in LA and DC this week…

Just Piled On

(Thrifted Sweater, H&M Dress & Faux Fur Collar, Vintage Belt, Anarchy Street Armor Ring, YSL Ring, Steve Madden Shoes)

I had this dress on all day at home then my feet got cold so I put on my OTK socks on. Before I realized, I had this sweater over my dress and a leopard jacket all while sitting on my chair working on my finals.
It was finally time to go outside to grab coffee and Wesley Mason told me I looked like I killed three different animals. hahaha Wish I took these pictures with the leopard coat on so I can show you guys how ridiculously fabulous I looked (apparently this is just my opinion. my bf didn't think so.)

Dreaming of Indian Summer

I've featured his work Here about a year ago and another visit to his site to take a break from my finals resulted in my discovery of these photos.
So dreamy.
More Here

Princess dress up games à la lanvin

hm x lanvin dress
new looks shoes

Dress up games made easy by this beautiful lanvin x h&m dress.. not the kind of dress that I'll wear every saturday but that's not what I base my shopping on anyways - never have, never will. This red one will be perfect for the holiday season where overdressing is totally accepted - if not sometimes mandatory.

now I'm off to my cousins engagement party, where the dress code was 'something red'.... I guess I took that advise quite literally.


Granny Lengths

(Grandma's cable knit cardigan that my mom stole from her closet which I stole later from my mom's closet, H&M Faux Fur Collar, Thrifted skirt from Goodwill in Kentucky, Dad's Louis Vuitton Belt, Steve Madden Boots)

What I wore on Thanksgiving day: a big skirt and an adjustable belt. The objective of this outfit was so that I had enough breathing room for my food intake on Thanksgiving dinner.
It sure worked well.

Shiny new things

topshop poncho
hm silver knit
topshop pants
zara bag
pamela love claw

Hey! and good morning from the airport.. I am having my morning coffee on a unusually quiet airport and had a few extra minutes to sit down.. I guess it's been a while since I traveled this early in the morning. I was up all night trying to pack but did all other things instead.. I never manage to sleep before I fly.. luckily I realised last minute that packing was easier than normal when all I really need for a weekend in finland would be my lanvin x hm dress that took all the place in the suitcase, still really love it and can't wait to snap a few photos for you... more on that later, here are some of my new things..

have a great weekend everyone and happy thanksgiving to the ones that get to celebrate it... x

More from asos

More asos pieces for the 'future stylist competition' I mentioned below.. these shoes are really cool and my new favorites! tomorrow the entries will go up on asos facebook site, can't wait to see all the outfits...

also, check out my margiela paper shoes that got featured on jak&jil!


Love Letters to LA

I had such a lovely time this past week in LA and just wanted to share with you some of the pictures I snapped in my 48 hours of shopping there. I am now off to the East Coast to enjoy some time with my family. I hope all of you have a perfect holiday!



You Can Never Have Enough Coffee

(Anarchy Street Leopard Jacket & Slashed Skinny Jeans, Vintage Shirt, Steve Madden Boots, gifted Botkier Haven Satchel)

Please excuse my tired face and the obnoxious yet my favorite Starbucks cup (not a prop, there's real white chocolate mocha in there lol)
For those who asked what I wear to school during finals... This is it.
My typical outfit consists of: a white shirt & skinny jeans (normally blue jeans but those who follow my twitter already know what my jeans did to my white Eames chair)

Hope all of you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I'll be spending this years Thanksgiving with my lovely boyfriend and Charcoal at my classmates house eating lots and lots of food.
I'll try to save you guys some.......
calories by eating it all by myself! hehe