Go Outside, It's Beautiful

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(Vintage Blazer, Silence & Noise Bodysuit, Tutu Skirt from a Halloween Store, Civico Cowboy boots)

Party scene

Shots from this week, highligths: Partying with Alice Dellal, Courtney Love performing two songs drunk, her head piece, sisters' visit, Irina's neck piercing, new clogs, Herny Holland thights.

On my way


zara leather jacket 
h&m shirt
topshop boots
asos rucksack
sands boutique scarf

A quick post of this weeks rain uniform.. (expect no wellies)I love that it's becoming almost possible to wear leather jackets. This one has been a faithful friend for so many years and just keeps getting better with age. Looks like black leather is taking over my life but I assure you that there is other stuff in my closet too.

My sister is in town and I sinned on oxford street, again. I bougth so much stuff that I will show on the blog soon, now I am off to party. C u later xx

The Look of Film

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Charcoal in film
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My boyfriend just got a film camera and we've been messing around with it.
I like the look of film because it actually looks like a photograph rather than just an image on a screen.

Under construction

h&m leather overalls
zara shirt
zara boots
sands boutique scarf

I owe it to my college to say bye bye to the beloved building that's being brutally torn down for a stupid railway thing. One of our campuses is moving, thank god the main building stays and I guess the new location won't be too bad.. 

I had some fun with my lovely friend Tasha who got a bit carried away while shooting the pictures...haha. Anyway it was quite funny playing photoshoot on our lunch break, if there is anywhere you can get away with that, it's at LCF.

oh and the illustrations are by CSM graduate Mark Ballard.. Cool right? 

I'm Sure I Must Belong Somewhere

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(People's Liberation Leather Jacket with DIY studs, Zara Stripe Shirt, Arden B Skinny Jeans, Underground Buckled Boots)

One of the questions I get asked the most is if I ever just feel lazy and throw on a t-shirt and jeans, or whether I plan my outfits ahead of time. Well, unless it's a big event such as a wedding or some kind of fancy Christmas party, I hardly ever plan my outfits. I just go into my closet and pick whatever item that I see first depending on the weather, then I create an outfit around that.
That's probably why sometimes my outfits don't work or I guess it's not as fashionable I'd like it to be because I normally get ready in 15-20 minutes (including brushing my teeth and putting my make-up on)
During school days such as today where I am constructing models and get covered with saw dust by the end of the class, I wear t-shirts and jeans with my cowboy boots, in this case, my new Underground boots and don't wear a bunch of rings or accessories because they get in the way when building models (they've dented a few of my models..)
So there, this was taken right after class to show you guys how I normally look when I don't have anything going on.

Best of London

Topshop Unique                                    Richard Nicoll

Louise Goldin                                     Ann-Sofie Back

Antonio Berardi                                   Burberry Prorsum

Richard Nicoll                                    Ann-Sofie Back

Julien Macdonald                                  Maria Grachvogel

Holly Fulton                                     Aminaka Wilmont

Topshop Unique                                   Christopher Kane

images: style.com & New York mag

This is what I loved at the London shows! It's been a really funny week, with nice parties and cool people. I might have to put up a party post later... Anyway here is what I wish I would be wearing next autumn. Okey maybe minus the horns.. or who knows.

Barber shop


topshop unique cotigan knit
topshop beige knit
zara leggings
aldo wedges
thifted knit scarf

Cool thing about London no. 346, turn around and you'll find a great opportunity for a photo. This looks like something taken in downtown san francisco... (?) Well I would not know, but it was a well deserved cinnamon latte.

More Items in the Shop

Morning Everyone,
I'm selling more items from my closet at Shop Song of Style
As always 10% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help the victims of Haiti.
Thanks for reading and have an awesome week!

I'd Rather Spend My Time Close to the Sky, Than Waste It Wishing I Had Wings

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(Urban Outfitters Black Dress, Mango Faux Fur Jacket, We Love Colors Lace Thigh High Socks, Pour La Victoire Ankle Boots, Coach Bag)

I used to dislike Coach because I always thought it was a knock off version of Gucci with the logos imprinted all around the bag plus every girl in my high school owned a Coach bag.
However, I couldn't say no to this coral like color and the shape of the bag.

Coach, if you guys had nicer sales people and continued to design pretty bags (and ditch the ugly ones such as this one) I'll be happy to shop again.

Chance of rain

h&m yellow coat
h&m pants
asos beanie
zara boots
lindex bag
When I came to London a little over a year ago I decided on the first day that I am not going to let the rain bother me, or I would be complaining all the time... so even if it's pouring every other day, I don't really notice that any more.

If I Didn't Think, I'd Be Much Happier

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(H&M Blazer, H&M Top, Arden B Skinny Jeans, Pour La Victoire Ankle Boots)

but then again I don't really think that much
Sorry, I've been behind in returning emails.
I've been busy working on designing a bench (well just drawings for now) and will probably start constructing it by myself starting sometime next week.
Not sure how long it's going to take because I'm doing it old school style and doing everything by hand instead of using machines. I'll keep u guys posted on how it goes. hehe

Hope you guys have a happy, peaceful yet exciting weekend! =D

Oh, and the necklace from the last post is from H&M