To a Great Year!

As most of you know, I'm a total jeans and tee sort of girl. But it's almost the new year and in celebration, I think it's about time I get a little bit dressed up. This beautiful Of Two Minds dress was a perfect end of the year gift. I love it's vintage, flapper vibe. I'm very particular when it comes down to the perfect dress and I think this one fits my personality so well! It's a bit rock n' roll, a little boho...just so ME. Another end of the year luxury? This gorgeous Efva Attling choker necklace that I'm bound to wear into the new year. It's super edgy and I've never seen anything like it before. These one-of-a-kind pieces just blow my mind and are perfect for a night of celebrating the new year at midnight!

GAHH, can you believe 2011 is coming to a close? This year has been one of the best years of my life. I still cannot believe everything that has happened so my career, in life. 2011 was a very very special year and I have so many wonderful memories. One of the biggest things I've learned this year? Never to take anything for granted and to just be happy in the present moment. Keeping up with my blog may have been the best thing I've ever done. I like that I can just click to my previous posts and see exactly what happened and when, each post bringing back a special memory. It's crazy!! Already, so many of my dreams have come true. Most importantly, I want to thank each and everyone of you for following me on this wild, amazing journey. Every year seems to be getting better and better and I'm so excited to see what 2012 will bring. I love you guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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2011 unposted

pictures by me, stefanie, tasha and janne

In order to do the impossible of summing up a year so full of great memories, I gathered this little album of some unposted 2011 holiday photos!

may the pictures say it better, but to keep it nice and short..

Chilled life in Finland, new puppies and mushroom finds. Travelling around Morocco and getting a glimpse of the local life. Too much fun in Carcassonne with my lovely Tash. More Finland and food, sister Steffi and field posing. Hanging out with Aurora and Teemu, Helsinki vs. country life. Road tripping around Europe with neon nails. Cousins hillbilly themed hen do and in the spirit of my sisters tattoo, can't wait to do it all again.

Thank you for making 2011 the best year of my life so far, love you all.