dango dango dango

thrifted cream sweater, Gap gingham shirt, Gap jeggings, H&M socks, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey Miner boots, Fjallraven backpack

Here we go you guys, a true San Francisco summer! My friend Emily snapped these photos of me in Japantown after we'd finished getting ramen at Suzu. There's something about these unexpected overcast days that always makes me want to bundle up in the coziest clothes that I own. Comfy jeggings? Check. Oversized pullover sweater? Check. Wool socks? Double check. As for the shoes, what's better than breaking out my new Rachel Comey boots as soon as I received them in the mail from Creatures of Comfort? I don't mean to sound like a walking advertisement but all three pairs that I have are among the comfiest shoes that I own. I even received a sweet note from the girl who packed my order... turns out we've known each other for years through Livejournal!

stuffing my face

After ramen we picked up treats at a kiosk right before it closed. I usually go for the anko (red bean) filled dango while Em got strawberry mochi ice cream. Anyone else find themselves humming the Dango song from Clannad? For the past hour I've been resisting an intense urge to photoshop cutesy faces onto the picture below...

ETA: well that didn't last long.

lower half
rachel comey miner boots

"Kaputt" - Destroyer

$200 Raven Denim GIVEAWAY!

The weekend is just around the corner and so I thought I'd host a very special giveaway with one of my favorite LA based denim brands, Raven Denim! As you know, I'm addicted to their Remy Jean in Aztec (as seen on me here in Central Park). The denim is super soft and doesn't stretch out at all! I could wear them for weeks on end and still, they'd look hot. Okay, that's a bit much, but you get what I mean! I'm so obsessed, I've even got an Olive pair being shipped to me right now. I know the different colored denim will work well into fall. I'm excited for one of you to get to receive a pair as well and take them on a test drive! You'll quickly fall in love with this label.

Starting today, one lucky reader will win $200 to shop at Raven Denim! Talk about AMAZING RIGHT?!

To enter this contest simply:

1. Comment below w/ a valid email address

2. Follow Raven Denim on Twitter/ Like Raven Denim on Facebook

3. Sign Up for the Brand's Mailing List

Good luck everyone! The winner will be announced next Friday, August 12th!

brunch at starbelly in the castro

french fries

Apologies to everyone, these pictures are almost a month old but I kept neglecting to post them. Agh, sorry! A couple weeks ago Brent and I stopped by Starbelly to try their weekend brunch menu. I'd been there once before for dinner and it was pretty good but breakfast/brunch is usually my favorite meal of the day and I'd been itching to go back.

french toast and bacon
almost done

First we shared the french fries with three dipping sauces. Totally unnecessary given the amount of food we were getting but I had them the last time I was there and had been craving them quite a bit before that. Last time I also had a chorizo pizza but since they only serve brunch on weekends I knew I had to try their french toast and it did not disappoint. They even cure their own bacon! Brent got chilaquiles which were also pretty fantastic, overall, it was a great meal and I'd definitely recommend it.

coffee and tea

easy breezy

vintage linen shirt, H&M tank, Theory shorts, vintage Coach satchel, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Jil Sander wedges

What I wore to gorge myself at Tartine and shop for groceries in the area. In case you couldn't tell by now my days center around eating... I'm definitely feeling the repercussions right now. I'm starting to question my ability to get away with eating so much as I get older but for now I'll continue to enjoy it, albeit much more moderately. For now...

messy hair

"I'm Feeling You" - capsule

all business, no play

A.P.C. trench coat, Equipment denim shirt, Alexander Wang pencil skirt, vintage Coach satchel, Karen Walker sunglasses, Rachel Comey boots

"All business, no play." Can you believe some dude on the street hollered that at me as if it were a pick up line? What the hell? Seriously dude, you saw me from half a block away and that's the best you could come up with? COME ON!

on the street

Working on a mini make over for this blog. I haven't touched this layout in over two years so we'll see how far I get........

"Pura Saudade (Nova Bossa Nova)" - Fantastic Plastic Machine

VOLCOMUNITY: to all the Jane Birkins

 (Volcom skirt, Rugby Ralph Lauren trench coat, Sun Child sweater, Giles + Brother necklace, 80%20 ponyhair flats)

To all of the Jane Birkins out there, I love you. I'm getting back to that old school, retro look. Little loafers, a trench, and of course...those skiiiirts. I pulled out tons of these little printed skirts out of my latest Volcom package and I'm swooning over all the goodness. 

See more on Volcomunity!

The Pumpkin Benni

The "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" pumpkin BENNI boot is one of the most beautiful shoes we've ever created in the NYC factory. Finding the perfect, most rich shade of burnt orange was difficult, but we did it. And now, the Benni is perfect! And what better to be released than in October! I'm living in the fuschia here in New York as Dylana is running around Philly in her pumpkin pair! Currently featured on Stylecaster, Elle, and Fashion Indie, it's true...every girl needs a one-of-a-kind beautiful shoe that kind of smacks you in the face the moment you step outside. The colors just really make me swoon. I just want to take them out on a gloomy day in the countryside, where they'll really pop. Right now, we're even making oiled black suede Benni's in the factory! I've been dreaming of this simple, clean boot in all black for the longest time. 

The Benni is now available in fuschia, pumpkin, and black suede on modernvice.com

Harper's Bazaar UK November '12 Issue

Woo! So excited to see myself in the pages of one of my top reads, 
Featured in the latest November '12 issue as "the new girl" 

I love youuuuuuuuu BAZAAR! Looks like I'll be sending a copy to the mum :)

London Wit

 (Chaser Brand tee, Vintage military jacket, H&M hat, Vintage sunglasses, J Brand jeans, "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" JETT boots)

London still seems extremely close. Can I go back already? I miss the England chill, that witty attitude, and above all, those super cute accents. I have to say, this was my London uniform, and still, I'm wearing it here in New York. The military jacket, skinnies, and JETTS make for simple perfection. Oh, and a hat. Hats, hats, hats. I just got another one yesterday (it's becoming a problem.) I'm seriously in love. Anyways, I'll forever cherish those moments leaning against the red telephone booths with the sister, with not a care in the world, feeling as if I were out of some teenage British novel. I found myself tucked away in a small alley in Chinatown, thinking of reasons not to leave.

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The Fuschia BENNI

I am so excited to officially launch the 
Here, I'm shot in our fuschia boot (many more colors to be released soon). For now, you can see Dylana rocking the pumpkin boot, which I'm also secretly super obsessed with. I cannot decide which color I love more. Part of our JETT collection, the Benni is a much simpler version to our everyday flat boot. The laces, the rich suede, and perfect black heel. It's also the comfiest boot I own. With the BENNI, we wanted to create something that goes with just about anything this fall...tights, skinny jeans, shorts. It's a purely simple boot with clean lines and a perfect ankle.  After many visits to the Modern Vice NYC factory, we've been perfecting this boot for months. We got it just perfect and now, I'm super excited to see our readers not only sporting the JETT, but the BENNI. B-b-b-b-benni and the JETT...heaven.

For now, our fuschia and pumpkin BENNI is available on modernvice.com!

Also, watch the video we filmed along with the song I recorded in studio!
Shot by Kelsea Kosko.