I'm going to go ahead and state the obvious by saying that I absolutely love fashion... but I love things that make fun of fashion a tiny bit more. Like my new paper Birkin right here. Don't get me wrong, walking through the made-up, fake paradise that is Thailand, the knock-off bag culture gets really tiring, really fast. Exhausting almost, especially for someone like me that indulges on the satisfaction felt when I hand over my credit card to pay for something that is new, exciting and just outside my price range. Well you've all seen the episode when Carrie attempts to buy a knock-off bag on a side alley in LA.

This bag is by a newly discovered, fantastic Thai brand called Wonder Anatomie. And although the paper Birkin is a direct Herm├Ęs copy, I see this more like an ironic tribute to the designer tote that make girls like me think investing 3000+ on a bag is money well spent. My new tote cost me about 100 pounds which surely most of you still think is way too much for a paper bag. I just could not resist the thought of how much confusion, laughs and double takes this one will end up causing.