Childhood Denim

(Free People overalls, Stylestalker tee, Born oxford shoes from, Stela9 "Bolsa Grande" suede bag, Ax+Apple choker, Vanessa Mooney rings, Concrete Polish "Silver Crystal" ring)

These denim overalls remind me of my childhood. I get forever nostalgic whenever I slip them on. I love how basic they are, especially with a white tee, choker, and leather oxfords. I want to paint in them, run in them, and play in them. They've got a ton of pockets making it my lil kangaroo get-up, pouches and all...filled with little things I need on hand. 90's denim is coming back and I'm super obsessed. And can you believe Kelsea's got the best skort in the whole entire world. I haven't seen a skirt/short combination in years! Umm, why did we stop making them? Gotta admit, they're pretty darn stellar. 

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