Between Shows

(Stylestalker dress, Levi's shirt, Thrifted backpack, Dr. Marten's boots)

In the midst of New York fashion week, I haven't really sat down once! There are just too many people I know that are in Cali girls, my NYC girls, my Europe girls, and everyone else in between! So far, it's been one giant weekend of never-ending meet-ups...oh and meals. We broke the world record of sitting for a 5 hour dinner! See? Things happen when you're surrounded by people you haven't seen in about a year! And like I've said before, I never really planned anything to wear for fashion week. My rule: taking pieces I love and tweaking it a bit. I love this leather Stylestalker dress. I wore it during FNO to host Swarovski, and again yesterday. With different shirts underneath each time, it feels brand spankin' new. Just a few more days of NYFW craziness, then I'm off to London for some Brit fun. September, you rock. 

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