Western Flair

In the midst of trying to finish my design jobs and preparing for my trip to New York, I feel like my mind is always somewhere else and I haven't been able to dress thoughtfully but somehow this outfit just came together while I was brushing my teeth. 
I always get asked whether I plan my outfits ahead of time and how I put them together. Truth be told, I hardly ever plan my outfits ahead except on special occasions. I'm really the go-with-the-flow kinda girl and I dress depending on my mood that morning (or evening.) Most of the time, my eyes will be drawn to a particular item (in this case, the lace top and the new boots) so I styled my outfit around these two items.

How do you guys decide what to wear? Do you simply plan ahead the night before or just decide that morning?

Citizens of Humanity Lace Top
Vintage Blazer from Mom (love this leather tweed blazer as well)
Zara Shorts
Zara Boots

Photos by Mayra Campos

Btw, I gasped when I saw these Isabel Marant inspired Western boots from Zara! I just got these about a week ago so your local Zara should probably still have them.