Taking the JETTS for a Spin// Dylana + Natalie Suarez x Modern Vice

Our classic black JETT Modern Vice boot is a pair I reach to nearly every morning. Even in the summer, I rock a pair of boots! But fall is coming, and it's time to whip out all the JETT colors...I just got a pair of sunshine yellow made for myself. Gotta admit, they came out pretty rad. These are the boots you find yourself re-soling after many years of wear...you love them too much. Treat em right and they'll live on forever! Dylana and I took our happy feet through the lower east side, pairing our JETT's with anything from long flowing maxi's and short vintage mini's. I couldn't be happier with our boot. They're like my babies and I want to live in them forever and ever.
(Photos by Kelsea Kosko)

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