My Stolen MacBook...

I wanted to send an email asking all of my readers or anyone at all reading this for help...

As you may know, my 15-inch MacBook Pro was stolen out of my checked bag on an American Airlines flight from Louisville (SDF) > Miami (MIA) > São Paulo (GRU) as well as my jewelry box containing 90% of my jewelry (although it is all replaceable). I am not sure which city this theft occurred in or if it was by the TSA, American Airlines or Customs.  The bag was inspected by the TSA in Louisville, KY, although they say that they have video of this inspection and that the computer was clearly seen put back into my bag. It was stolen out of a large, soft, 50lb, neon green suitcase.

I'm asking for your help to keep an eye out for this computer, if anyone may happen to run into it on any sites such as Craigslist, or if the person who stole it may be reading this right now. No questions will be asked upon return.  I promise.

Below are all details I have for the computer:

MacBook Pro 15-inch 
Serial Number: W800523X7XJ 
Model No: A1286
Ethernet ID: D49A20F56888

I have tons of un-published photos, as well as other very important information on this laptop, so losing all of that is a huge setback for me, my blog, and for all of my loyal readers...

If any of you happen to find any info at all on this computer, please email me at No questions at all will be asked, and upon it's return I am willing to offer a large reward.  Thank you all.  I really appreciate it.