There is a Reason for Time

(Urban Outfitters Hat, Vintage Knit Top, Anarchy Street Drapey Skirt, Dad's Louis Vuitton Belt, Gifted Botkier Ava Bag, Amrita Singh Cuff via

I re-bought my lipstick and I think it works great on days like today when I feel really sick and my face tells everybody so.
The skirt I'm wearing reminded me of this skirt from Burberry Prorsum. I think it's meant to rest on the hips but u know me, I either like short skirts or long skirts, no in between. I belted it in order to make it into a high-waisted skirt but maybe in the colder days I might wear it as it is.
Btw, I stole the bottom pictures from Nicole's blog since I'm wearing the same skirt and also because I miss my Nadia + Hassan and Vanessa. They need to hurry up and move to the States!