Recording in Studio with the Benni Boot

Just this week I made an spur of the moment visit to the studio to record my own, softer version of Fleetwood Mac's, Rhiannon. It's simple. A piano. And that "live" feel that I love on records. And most importantly, I'm finally able to introduce you to the new
"Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" BENNI boot! 
A classic spin-off to our JETT boot, it's got simple, clean lines and comes in some killer shades. For now, take a peek at our suede fuschia Benni boot, handmade right here in the Modern Vice factory...and with love of course! I've been wearing it non-stop with everything. Somehow this fuschia works with so many of my looks. I cannot wait to release Dylana's colorways next week, along with some of our special holiday designs.

Take a sneak peek at the BENNI, shot by Kelsea Kosko, along with the song we put together at Avatar Studios.
That's me singing on the track in the video...enjoy! I can't wait to put out more music very soon!

Listen here:

Our Modern Vice BENNI boot is now finally available to purchase on in fuschia and burnt orange!