Young Money Millionaire

(gifted Style Stalker Rebellion Parka worn as vest, Pencey Dress c/o Shop PR, Zara Heels, gifted Guns Germs & $teal Brass Wallet)

This Pencey dress reminded me of a post I did about a year ago back in San Francisco. Even though it's longer than what I would normally wear, the color and the knitted material is quite fun that next time I'm planning on wearing it with a pair of chucks.
On another note, sometimes when working at my job sites I forget my handbag since I have so many other tools (such as today) and materials to carry. That's when this brass wallet comes in handy. It also works when I'm out dancing since I don't want to hit everyone with my handbag. For those who are wondering, my brass wallet says 'Young Money Millionaire' and 'Song of Style' on the back.