... and the bride wore Wang

French connection dress
aldo shoes 
Chanel tattoos
Lapponia ring

Pictures from the beautiful wedding that took place in Helsinki on saturday. To be honest I did not know which side to take in church because the groom was a relative, but I was more involved with preparations from the bride's side. I designed the red bridesmaid dresses, but was a little nervous about the turnout because I did not have a chance to see the finished dresses live until the bridesmaids walked down the aisle... Luckily all three looked gorgeous. I might also had a little something to do with getting that amazing Vera Wang 'Diana' dress (and matching VW invitations) over to Finland... 

It was a beautiful wedding and we all had a lot of fun! of course my night turned even better when I catched the bouquet...

I could not decide what to wear until half an hour before the wedding, but the Chanel tattoos were planned long before... don't they look amazing? I want to wear them all summer long!